Microsoft Azure Certification Path

The Microsoft Azure Certification Path PDF proctored via way of means of Microsoft will assist making a decision which Azure certification route to observe and which tests you want to get there. So, when you have made it to this submit you'll be at the primary level of identifying which certification route is exceptional for you. Whether your heritage is in infrastructure, networking, safety or large data, the Azure certification route report will assist making a decision which direction to take.

Choosing which route to take is the vital first step in shaping your profession. Becoming licensed will assist you to your non-public profession choice making, that could consist of deciding on a brand new role, or figuring out what your worth! If you're searching out a brand new role, check our manual, How to get hired running with Azure in 2022.

There are five key regions that the report details, those are:


Microsoft 365

Dynamics 365

Power Platform

Security, Compliance and Identity

The tests themselves variety from essential stage tests to specialty tests and role-primarily based totally tests. Fundamental tests will assist you grasp the fundamentals of the given problem, specialty tests will deepen your technical abilities primarily based totally on the answer the examination is described for and roll-primarily based totally tests will amplify your technical skillset, once more primarily based totally at the problem the examination covers.

Let’s dive a touch deeper...

Now we understand the way to get entry to the Azure certification route pdf report, allow us to take examine how it's miles formatted and recognize it a touch more.

Starting on the top, the report is damaged down into sections primarily based totally at the location blanketed under it, we indexed the five key regions above.

Azure Certification route header

Next, allow us to appearance below the Microsoft 365 heading. As you could see below Microsoft 365 there are 7 extraordinary certifications you could earn. The call of every certification shows the problem stage. Associate stages certifications are the following above fundaments (that are basic) and professional stage certifications are the hardest. The big name image additionally indicates it's miles an professional stage certification.

Lastly, allow us to examine the Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. You can see from the under there are 2 tests required to earn this certification, the primary being the MS-one hundred (checkout my MS-one hundred look at manual in case you plan on taking this examination) and the MS-one hundred and one examination.

You might also be aware the padlock image at the lowest right. This way there may be a pre-considered necessary certification you want to earn earlier than you're taking the two tests mentioned. In this instance, we are able to examine the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification web page to decide which certification we want to byskip first.

Prerequisite certifications

As you could see, there are five extraordinary certifications you could pick from, you simplest want to earn 1 out of the five, earlier than shifting directly to the two tests.

Need assist getting started?

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